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In addition to a number of donors whose names may not appear for privacy purposes, Writers’ Trust would like to thank the companies, foundations, and individuals below for their generous support during our 2020-21 fiscal year.

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Page Turners

Margaret Atwood

Jim Balsillie

Government of Canada

Marla and David Lehberg

The Estate of Michael George Mercer

Metcalf Foundation

C. Paul Osmanski Fund held at Vancouver Foundation

Robin Pacific

The Estate of Anne Pasold

RBC Foundation

Weston Family Foundation

Visionaries ($50,000+)



Extra Pocket

Dr. Yosef Wosk

Leaders ($25,000+)

Kari Cullen and William Bonnell

Lorraine Greey

J&W Murphy Foundation

Latner Family Foundation

DC Reid

Champions ($10,000+)

Chris Sexton and Wendy Daniels

Clair Duff in memory of Catherine Shepard

Deb MacLeod and Ward Sellers

Diamond Schmitt Architects

The McClelland & Stewart Charitable Foundation

Nadir & Shabin Mohammed

Podium Publishing ULC

Richard Ward and Sandra Sorenson

Sana Halwani & Jason MacNeill

Supporters ($5,000+)

  • Sumant Inamdar
  • Nexus Investment Management Inc.
  • Pitblado Family Foundation
  • Professional Writers Association of Canada

Friends ($1,000-$4,999)

  • Anne Balcome Cook
  • Leslie Belzak & Michael McFadden
  • Catherine Clark
  • Mary Cranston and Kevin Spencer
  • Janet Eger
  • Helen Findlay
  • Charlie Foran
  • Allen Garson
  • Jane Griesdorf
  • MakeWay Foundation - Beth Haddon & Tim Draimin
  • tomson highway
  • Kate Hilton
  • Valerie Hussey
  • Rosamond Ivey
  • Gwen Lamont
  • Lassonde Family Foundation
  • Alison Loat
  • In memory of Mary MacGregor
  • Sandra Martin and Roger Hall
  • Amreen Omar & Aaron Emes
  • Don Oravec and Jim Harper
  • Erna Paris
  • In memory of Joe Rosenblatt
  • Laura Rubino and Ana Sainz
  • Robin Sears
  • Kirstine Stewart
  • Hal Wake
  • Cynthia Wine & Philip Slayton
  • Tanya Talaga

Friends ($500-$999)

  • Kamal Al-Solaylee
  • CIBC
  • Jane Cooney
  • Anne & Tony Giardini
  • Helium Scribe
  • In dedication to Casey Mahood
  • Devyani Saltzman
  • Dr. Adam Sol & Rabbi Yael Splansky
  • Nalini Stewart
  • Rhea Tregebov

Friends (up to $499)

  • Michael Ainsworth
  • Dorothy Allan
  • Apple Canada
  • Stephanie Babcock
  • Richard Bachmann
  • Karen Barrett
  • Susan Biggar
  • In dedication to Kate Black
  • Nic Boshart
  • Marilyn Cade
  • Kayla Calder
  • Cathy
  • Sam and Janet Cheng
  • Denise Chong
  • Connie Clement
  • Patrick Cuthbertson
  • Dal Tio Family
  • Cary Fagan
  • In honour of Lorraine Filyer
  • In honour of Natalie Freeman
  • Carole Gerson
  • In memory of Graeme Gibson
  • Dr. Sherrill Grace
  • Michael Greenstein in honour of Catherine Caufield
  • Wendy Griesdorf
  • Roland Gulliver
  • R.J. Harlick
  • Joyce Harris in honour of Jane Griesdorf
  • Peter Hay
  • Marian Hebb
  • Stephen Hendrie
  • Francesca Iacurto
  • George K. Ilsley
  • Francis Itani
  • Marthe Jocelyn
  • Plum Johnson
  • Barbara Kaye
  • Suanne Kelman
  • Patrick Kennedy
  • Celia and Didi Khayatt in honour of Judith Millen
  • Friederike Knabe
  • Lydia Lavis
  • Susan Lawson
  • Dennis Lee
  • Leslie McIntosh
  • JoAnn McKay
  • Susan McMaster
  • Shannon Moroney
  • Nancy and Larry Murray
  • Peter R. Newman
  • Julie Osborne
  • John Pappano
  • In memory of Gladys Patterson
  • Daniel Perry
  • Françoyse Picard
  • Lynne Raskin in honour of Judy Millen
  • Elise Redekopp
  • Sanford and Deborah Riley
  • RustyNB
  • In appreciation of Devyani Saltzman
  • Tyler Sehn
  • Jacques Shore
  • David Stephenson
  • In memory of Roberta J. Stevens
  • Wendi Stewart
  • In memory of Usha Taneja
  • Marilyn Temmer
  • Hayden Trenholm
  • Jean Van Loon
  • Peeranut Visetsuth
  • K. R. Wilson
  • Julia Yu


  • Aeroplan Beyond Miles Program
  • Captivate Network Inc.
  • Dawson City Community Library
  • The Globe and Mail
  • Klondike Visitors Association
  • Whitehorse Public Library
“The Writers' Trust is a pillar of the Canadian writing community, providing vital programs for writers at every stage of their careers.”

Lawrence Hill

Winner, 2007 Rogers Writers' Trust Fiction Prize
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