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About the Award

The Writers’ Trust Engel Findley Award is given to a mid-career writer in recognition of a remarkable body of work, and in anticipation of future contributions to Canadian literature. All Canadian writers are eligible. The winner, selected by a three-member, independent judging panel, is announced annually at the Writers’ Trust Awards. The prize is sponsored by the WT Prize Fund and Timothy Findley Estate.

2023 Winner


Jury Citation

In four remarkable novels, six plays, and a collection of stories, Anosh Irani’s bold and courageous choice of subjects challenges us to witness and confront uncomfortable truths. Irani chooses to inhabit characters for whom hope is an unaffordable luxury. As he skillfully reveals and illuminates the circumstances of the choiceless and voiceless, he keeps our gaze on the depredations of power.  


Whether he is writing stories about caste conflict, street children, or transgender individuals, Irani’s compassion, imagination, and keen eye for the absurd shine through. His immense talent is complemented by his dedication to the craft. His window-pane prose is admirable, as is the artful balance he maintains between expressiveness and reticence.  


Irani’s work has left an indelible mark on the literary landscape, and we hope he will continue to touch our hearts and broaden our understanding of the human experience.  

Author Page
“It’s incredible to be told, when it feels like you’re bumping along in the middle of nowhere, that you’re on the right path. It feels like a big, beautiful lifeline.”

– Billie Livingston

2017 Engel Findley Award winner