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The Re-Read

In partnership with The Toronto International Festival of Authors

This series of dialogues explores the last 75 years of writing in Canada. Each session brings you a contemporary writer in conversation with an important work of fiction or theatre that has offered a key moment of definition, change, or challenge. Together, we get to ask questions around how major books can help shape and evolve deeper understandings of our culture. Watch each conversation below.

Featured Books

The Jade Peony 
by Wayson Choy
Presented by Madeleine Thien, moderated by Catherine Graham

"The gift of rereading this book right now was so powerful... I just think it's a masterpiece, an incredible first novel. I think it's one of our great works of Canadian literature." (Madeleine Thein) 

The Meeting Point 
by Austin Clarke
Presented by Olive Senior, moderated by Hal Wake

"I wouldn't say it's angry. But I would say it is extremely honest and searing. He leaves no stone unturned." (Olive Senior)

The Wars 
by Timothy Findley
Presented by Charlie Foran, moderated by Catherine Graham

"The effect he wants is not sentiment. It's emotion. But it's powerful, deep emotion." (Charlie Foran)

The Almighty Voice and His Wife 
by Daniel David Moses
Presented by Cliff Cardinal, moderated by Michaela Washburn

"The one beautiful thing that allows these people to go through such a tremendous journey is love." (Michaela Washburn)

The Sacrifice by Adele Wiseman
Presented by Anne Michaels, moderated by Hal Wake

"It's not a question of a new beginning. It's a question of how to carry the past into the place that you are." (Anne Michaels)

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