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Together with the Writers' Trust of Canada, authors Margaret Atwood, Johnnie Christmas, and Jenny Heijun Wills challenge Canadians to buy and read a Canadian book published in spring 2020.

Enter our spring book challenge by using #DrawtheWord on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook to share an original drawing inspired by any Canadian book published March-June 2020. Your drawing can be digital artwork, sketched on paper, a creative make-up look, an artsy photo, or any other visual art piece. Be sure to tag and nominate a couple of readers to join the contest when you enter.

After the contest closes on June 30, 2020, challengers Margaret Atwood, Johnnie Christmas, and Jenny Heijun Wills will select their favourite drawings. The top four entrants will each win a stack of Canadian reads, and the book authors featured in the art pieces will each receive $500 to help them write another. This project aims to mitigate current pressures on the Canadian book industry by offering a promotional opportunity for Canadian books launched during the global health crisis.

Use the list of spring books below to help you choose your next great Canadian read.



  1. Buy and read a Canadian book published in spring 2020.
  2. Draw something inspired by the book on a page, on a screen, on your face, with a camera, or any other visual medium.
  3. Post your work of book art on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram using #DrawtheWord, tag @writerstrust, and nominate two more readers to take part by tagging their handles.
  4. Win books! Win money! Atwood, Christmas, and Wills will select four winners after the deadline. The winning artists will each receive a package of Canadian books. The authors of the books featured in the drawings will each receive $500 to help them write another.

*Please note the contest has now closed.

2020 Canadian Spring Book List


Running from the Dead: A Crime Novel by Mike Knowles

The Amber Garden: The Alchemists’ Council, Book 3 by Cynthea Masson

Mysterious Dreams of the Dead by Terry Watada

Fontainebleau by Madeline Sonik

Borderline by Marie-Sissi Labreche trans. Melissa Bull

The Lily Pad and the Spider by Claire Legendre, trans. David Homel

Vanishing Monuments by John Elizabeth Stintzi

Things Worth Burying by Matt Mayr

A Stab at Life by Richard King

Aubrey McKee by Alex Pugsley

I Can’t Get You Out of My Mind by Marianne Apostolides

The Neptune Room by Bertrand Laverdure, translated by Oana Avasilichioae

Some People's Children by Bridget Canning

Melt by Heidi Wicks

The Eyelid  by S.D. Chrostowska

The Subtweet: A Novel by Vivek Shraya

Misconduct of the Heart: A Novel by Cordelia Strube

The Silence of Bones by June Hur

Deadly Curious by Cindy Anstey

The Dark In-Between by Elizabeth Hrib

The Woman in the Attic by Emily Hepditch

The Liars by Ida Linehan Young

Watershed  by Doreen Vanderstoop

Speechless  by Anne Simpson

A Song from Faraway by Deni Béchard

Where the Waters Meet by Stéphanie Boulay, translated from French by Ghislaine LeFranc

Against the Machine by Brian Van Norman

Itzel II by Sarah Xerar Murphy

Shattered Fossils by Sharon Lax

The Comic by Stan Rogal

The Foundations of Kindness by Richard Vission

The Quantum Theory of Love and Madness by Jerry Levy

The Transaction by Guglielmo D'Izzia

The Glass Hotel by Emily St. John Mandel

Stay Where I Can See You by Katrina Onstad

Midnight Train to Prague by Carol Windley

Five Little Indians by Michelle Good

The Library of Legends by Janie Chang

The War Widow by Tara Moss

Daughters of Smoke and Fire by Ava Homa

The Girl He Left Behind by Beatrice MacNeil

The Diamond House by Dianne Warren

Ridgerunner by Gil Adamson

All I Ask by Eva Crocker

You Are Not What We Expected by Sidura Ludwig

Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982 by Jamie Chang

Dirty Birds by Morgan Murray

Carousel by April Ford

Filthy Sugar by Heather Babcock

Mina's Child by Paul Butler

The House of Izieu by Jan Rehner

A Diary in the Age of Water by Nina Munteanu

The Union of Smokers by Paddy Scott

Swimmers in Winter by Faye Guenther

You Can't Catch Me by Catherine McKenzie

Sorry I Missed You by Suzy Krause

If Tenderness Be Gold by Eleanor Albanese

Keepers of the Faith by Shaukat Ajmeri

Little Secrets by Jennifer Hillier

In Veritas by C.J. Lavigne

Rolling Thunder by A.J. Devlin

The Weight of the Heart by Theresa Kishkan

The Benjamenta College of Art by Alan Reed

How a Woman Becomes a Lake by Marjorie Celona

Last Impressions by Joseph Kertes

The Brideship Wife by Leslie Howard

The Last High by Daniel Kalla

The Jane Austen Society by Natalie Jenner

What Unbreakable Looks Like by Kate McLaughlin

Fair  by Ed Seaward

A Match Made for Murder: A Lane Winslow Mystery #7  by Iona Whishaw

Good Mothers Don't by Laura Best

Apple S by Éric Plamondon, trans. Dimitri Nasrallah

Archaic Torso of Gumby by Geoffrey Morrison and Matthew Tomkinson

Once a Storm by Janet Trull

Kill All the Lawyers: A Mystery by William Deverell

The Goliath Run by Brad Smith

The Wild Heavens by Sarah Louise Butler

Before the Usual Time: Collection of Indigenous stories and poems by ed. Darlene Naponse

The Complex Arms by Dolly Dennis

Postmark Berlin: A Mystery by Anne Emery

Bitter Paradise: A Dr. Zol Szabo Medical Mystery by Ross Pennie

Mission Road: A Frank Yakabuski Mystery by Ron Corbett

Closing Time by Brenda Chapman

Oppenheimer Alternative by Robert J Sawyer

The End of Me by John Gould

The Handsome Man by Brad Casey

Columbus and the Fat Lady by Matt Cohen

Good Citizens Need Not Fear by Maria Reva

Hunger Moon by Traci Skuce

Seeking Shade by Frances Boyle

The Swan Suit by Katherine Fawcett

How to Pronounce Knife by Souvankham Thammavongsa

In the Beggarly Style Imitation by Jean Marc Ah-Sen


Pineapple Express by Evelyn Lau

Hearts Amok by Kevin Spenst

The Headless Man by Peter Dubé

Low Centre of Gravity by Michael Dennis

My Art is Killing Me and Other Poems  by Amber Dawn

The Gospel of Breaking  by Jillian Christmas

Gardens of the Interregnum by Norm Sibum

day/break by Gwen Benaway

Spawn by Marie-Andree Gill, Kristen Renee Miller

Nought by Julie Joosten

Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart by Beatriz Hausner

Narrow Cradle by Wade Kearley

POP  by Simina Banu

Miscreations: Poems by Grant Loveys

Riven: Poems by Catherine Owen

In the Vicinity of Riches by Chris Hutchinson

Everyone at This Party by Tanja Bartel

Night Lunch by Mike Chaulk

I know something you don't know by Amy LeBlanc

Crito Di Volta by Marc di Saverio

Journeys by Christine Tipper and Nadine Latif

Mummyjihad by Earl Fowler

Squall by Chad Norman

Swoon by Elana Wolff

The Haunted Hand by Donald Winkler and Louise Dupre

We Shed Our Skins Like Dynamite by Conyer Clayton

Watching a Man Break a Dog's Back by Tom Wayman

As Far As You Know by A.F. Moritz

Roguelike by Matthew Henderson

Junebat by John Elizabeth Stintzi

Gold Rush by Claire Caldwell

OO: Typewriter Poems by Dani Spinosa

Burning Province by Michael Prior

The Dyzgraph*st by Canisia Lubrin

What Hurts Going Down by Nancy Lee

Washes, Prays by Noor Naga

Different Wolf by Deborah-Anne Tunney

Collected Poems of Bronwen Wallace by Bronwen Wallace, edited by Carolyn Smart

The Broken Boat by Daniela Elza

Disappearing Minglewood Blues by M.C. Warrior

Lullabies in the Real World by Meredith Quartermain

The Response of Weeds by Bertrand Bickersteth

Birding in the Glass Age of Isolation by Curtis LeBlanc

Body Count by Kyla Jamieson

Pluviophile by Yusuf Saadi

Mythical Man by David Ly

Democratically Applied Machine by Robert Colman

Ceaseless Rain by Dorothy Mahoney

Tablet Fragments by Tamar Rubin

The Lost Cafeteria by Joel Robert Ferguson

The Blue Moth of Morning by P.C. Vandall 

The Manhattan Project by Ken Hunt

Field Notes for the Self by Randy Lundy

The Outer Wards by Sadiqa de Meijer

All I Have Learned is Where I Have Been by Joe Fiorito

Fields of Light and Stone by Angeline Schellenberg


The Art of the Fall by Veronique Cote et. Al trans. Danielle Le Saux-Farmer

Triplex Nervosa Trilogy by Marianne Ackerman

Quick Bright Things by Christopher Cook

Speed Dating for Sperm Donors  by Natalie Meisner

 Bar Mitzvah Boy by Mark Leiren-Young

 Bears by Matthew MacKenzie

 Bronte: The World Without by  Jordi Mand

The Enchanted Loom by Suvendrini Lena

 Amaryllis & Little Witch by Pascal Brullemans, translated by Alexis Diamond

The Runner by Christopher Morris

Lo ( or Dear Mr. Wells) by Rose Napoli

Some Blow Flutes by Mary Vingoe

The Orchard (After Chekhov) by Sarena Parmar

Dragonfly by Lara Rae


The Proximity Paradox: How to Create Distance from Business as Usual and Do Something Truly Innovative by Alex Varricchio and Kiirsten May

Great Clients by David Ullman

Leading Meaningful Change by Beverley Patwell

The Subscription Boom by Adam Levinter

Toronto's Lost Villages by Ron Brown

Kings of Friday by A.J.B. Johnston

Take Back the Tray: Revolutionizing Food in Hospitals, Schools, and Other Institutions by Joshna Maharaj

Talking to Strangers by Marianne Boucher

Patchwork Society by Sharon Johnston

On the Cusp of Contact by Jean Barman

Toe Blake: Winning Is Everything by Paul Logothetis, foreword by Scotty Bowman

The Declutter Challenge by Cassandra Aarssen

Anthem: Rush in the ’70s by Martin Popoff

Almighty Voice by Bill Waiser

The Home Stretch: A Father, a Son, and All the Things They Never Talk About  by George K. Ilsley

Chronicles of a High School English Teacher and the Smartass Students Who Schooled Him by Paul Bae

Free of 'Incurable' Cancer, Living in Overtime by Susan Paton

Where Things Touch: A Meditation on Beauty by Bahar Orang

No Place for a Woman by Antony Berger

A Happy Life in an Open Relationship by Susan Wenzel

Any Night of the Week: A D.I.Y. History of Toronto Music, 1957-2001 by Jonny Dovercourt.

The Better Half by Sharon Moalem

The Bullet: Stories from the Newfoundland Railway by Robert Hunt 

Fish Wrapped by David Sherman

It's Attachment by Annette Kussin

Pictura by Juliana Pivato

Open House by Jane Christmas

Next by Darrell Bricker

The Rebel Mama's Handbook for (Cool) Moms by Aleks Jassem and Nikita Stanley

This Lovely City by Louise Hare

From Internationalism to Postcolonialism by Rossen Djagalov

Life of Ill Repute by Maria Serena Mazzi

Reinventing the Economic History of Industrialisation edited by Kristine Bruland, Anne Gerritsen, Pat Hudson, and Giorgio Riello

Techno-Fixers by Sean F. Johnston

À qui la fortune sourit by Laurence B. Mussio

Whom Fortune Favours by Laurence B. Mussio

Stikeman Professorship by David S. Mulder, preface by Suzanne Fortier

Secret History by Simon Ball

China's Urban Future and the Quest for Stability edited by Rebecca Clothey and Richardson Dilworth

Green Meat? edited by Ryan M. Katz-Rosene and Sarah J. Martin

Carbon Blues by Mike Mason

Poetic Imperative by Johanna Skibsrud

Up and to the Right by Craig Toomey

Teaching Anticommunism by Hubert Villeneuve

Objectively Engaged Journalism by Stephen J.A. Ward

Being at Large by Santiago Zabala

Seven Absolute Rights by Ryan Alford

Framing Risky Choices by Ece Özlem Atikcan, Richard Nadeau, and Éric Bélanger

Haldane by John Campbell

Uninvited by Carrie Jenkins and Carla Nappi

Suspended Conversations by Martha Langford

Cry of Vertières by Jean-Pierre Le Glaunec, translated by Jonathan Kaplansky

We Resist by Edited by Cynthia Levine-Rasky and Lisa Kowalchuk

Net Privacy by Sacha Molitorisz

Unsettling Spirit by Denise M. Nadeau

Frequencies edited by Gregory Taylor and Catherine Middleton

Unplanned Visitors by Olivier Vallerand

Populism and Ethnicity by Raanan Rein

Geopolitical Amnesia edited by Vibeke Schou Tjalve

Our Fundamental Problem by Nicholas Maxwell

Fearless by Janice McDonald

Reclaiming Our Students by Hannah Beach and Tamara Neufeld Strijack

Start to Figure by Andrew Dubois

Dead Mom Walking by Rachel Matlow

Overdose by Benjamin Perrin

Nerve by Eva Holland

Cultivated by Christin Geall

Shame on Me by Tessa McWatt

Collected: City + Country by Sarah Richardson 

Tapping the West: How Alberta’s Craft Beer Industry Bubbled Out of an Economy Gone Flat by Scott Messenger 

In the Spirit of ’68 by Joel Belliveau; translated by Käthe Roth

The Impossible Clinic by Ariane Hanemaayer

The Shoe Boy by Duncan McCue

Geography of British Columbia by Brett McGillivray

No Place for the State edited by Christopher Dummitt and Christabelle Sethna

Culture and the Soldier edited by H. Christian Breede

Making the Best of It edited by Sarah Glassford and Amy Shaw

War Junk by Alex Souchen

Crossing Law’s Border by Shauna Labman

Inside the Campaign edited by Alex Marland and Thierry Giasson

Governing the Social in Neoliberal Times edited by Deborah R. Brock

From Wardship to Rights by Jim Reynolds

The Aging–Disability Nexus edited by Katie Aubrecht, Christine Kelly, and Carla Rice

He Thinks He's Down by Katharine Bausch

The Tenth Justice by Carissima Mathen and Michael Plaxton

Law and Neurodiversity by Dana Lee Baker, Laurie A. Drapela, Whitney Littlefield

Out of Milk by Lesley Frank with foreword by Monika Dutt

Canada 1919 edited by Tim Cook and J.L. Granatstein

Canada's Legal Pasts edited by  Lyndsay Campbell, Ted McCoy, and Mélanie Méthot

The Loss of Indigenous Eden and the Fall of Spirituality by Blair Stonechild

None of the Above: Nonreligious Identity in the US and Canada by Joel Thiessen & Sarah Wilkens-Laflamme

Nature's Broken Clocks: Reimagining Time in the Face of the Environmental Crisis by Paul Huebener

Uncertain Harvest: The Future of Food on a Warming Planet by Ian Mosby, Sarah Rotz, and Evan D.G. Fraser

Reclaiming Tom Longboat: Indigenous Self-Determination in Canadian Sport by Janice Forsyth

Talking to a Portrait: Tales of an Art Curator by Pepall

Fort Henry: An Illustrated History by Stephen Mecredy

The Attack on Nova Scotia Schools: The story behind 25 years of tumultuous change by Grant Frost

The Canadian Labour Movement by Craig Heron

The Rat People by Patrick Saint-Paul

Reclaiming Tom Longboat by Janice Forsyth

Government House Halifax: A Place of History and Gathering by Christopher McCreery

Cataline: Life of BC's Legendary Packer by Irene Bjerky

Mary Pickford, Queen of the Silent Film Era by George A. Walker

Acadian Driftwood by Tyler LeBlanc

Feasting Wild by Gina Rae La Cerva

Uncertain Harvest by Ian Mosby, Sarah Rotz, and Evan D.G. Fraser

Rethink Chronic Pain: Relieve Suffering, Heal Your Body, Own Your Health by Gaétan Brouillard (translated by David Warriner)

The PCOS Plan: Prevent and Reverse Polycystic Ovary Syndrome through Diet and Fasting by Nadia Brito Pateguana and Jason Fung

How to Be Miserable in Your Twenties by Randy J. Paterson, PhD

Nanaimo Girl by Prudence Emery

Peculiar Lessons: How Nature and the Material World Shaped a Prairie Childhood by Lois Braun

Still: A Memoir of Love, Loss, and Motherhood by Emma Hansen

Choosing Hope by Munira Premji

Restigouche: The Long Run of the Wild River by Philip Lee

Raising Your Kids Without Losing Your Cool by Shantelle Bisson

Adventures with Adoptable Dogs by Rachael Rodgers

The Future of Capitalism by Katrina Vanden Heuvel, Yanis Varoufakis, Arthur Brooks, and David Brooks

Gideon’s Bible: A Father & Son Discuss God, the Bible and Life by Rick Salutin and Gideon Salutin, illustrated by Dušan Petričić

No More Nice Girls: Gender, Power and Why It’s Time to Stop Playing by the Rules by Lauren McKeon

The Eighth Wonder of the World: The True Story of André the Giant by Bertrand Hébert and Pat Laprade with Tony Stabile

Loving Large by Patti M. Hall

The Home Stretch by George K. Ilsley

Menno Moto by Cameron Dueck

The Last Goldfish by Anita Lahey

Radical Acts of Love by Janie Brown

I Overcame My Autism and All I Got Was This Lousy Anxiety Disorder by Sarah Kurchak

That's Why I'm a Doctor by Mark Bulguth

I Know You Rider by Leslie Stein

Alone: A Love Story by Michelle Parise

Moments of Glad Grace: A Memoir by Alison Wearing

They Said this Would be Fun by Eternity Martis

One Good Reason by Sean McCain and Andrea Aragon

Saltwater Chronicles by Lesley Choyce

Show Me the Honey: Adventures of an Accidental Apiarist by Dave Doroghy

You Suck, Sir by D.G. Fraser

The Smallest Object by Sharon Kirsch

Since Joel by Julie L. Schwartz

The Abortion Caravan by Karin Wells

Our 100 Years by Dianne Dodd

Lost in Newfoundland by Michael Winsor (photography)


The Prairie Gardener's Go-To Guide for Vegetables  by Janet Melrose and Sheryl Normandeau

The Prairie Gardener's Go-To Guide for Pests and Diseases by Janet Melrose and Sheryl Normandeau

Familiar Face by Michael DeForge

Wendy, Master of Art by Walter Scott

Megabat Is a Fraidybat by Anna Humphrey and Kass Reich

The Gryphon’s Lair by Kelley Armstrong

Louder Than Words by Kathy Kacer

Geology of New Brunswick and PEI by Sandra Barr and Martha Hickman Hild

Hikes of Newfoundland by Mary Smyth, Fred Hollingshurst, Katie Broadhurst, Alexandra Fortun

Taking a Break from Saving the World by Stephen Legault

Old Man’s Garden by Annora Brown

Popular Wildflowers of the Canadian Prairies by Neil L. Jennings

Popular Wildflowers of Alberta and the Canadian Rockies by Neil L. Jennings

Popular Wildflowers of Coastal British Columbia and Vancouver Island by Neil L. Jennings

Popular Wildflowers of South-Central British Columbia by Neil L. Jennings

Travel & Culinary

Family Walks and Hikes in the Canadian Rockies – Volume 2 by Andrew Nugara

Family Walks and Hikes on Greater Vancouver’s North Shore by Harrison (Harry) Crerar

Road Trips, Journeys in the Unspoiled World by Trevor Carolan

The Okanagan Wine Tour Guide  by John Schreiner and Luke Whitall

Flat Out Delicious: Your Definitive Guide to Saskatchewan's Food Artisans by Jenn Sharp

Buck Naked Kitchen by Kristen Buck

Love is Served by Seizan Dreux Ellis and Café Gratitude

Gather at Home by Monika Hibbs

A Spicy Touch: Family Favourites from Noorbanu Nimji’s Kitchen  by Noorbanu Nimji and Karen Anderson

Baking with Bruno: a French baker’s North American love story by Bruno Feldeisen

Flat Out Delicious: Your Definitive Guide to Saskatchewan's Food Artisans by Jenn Sharp

Children's Literature

The Keeper of Wild Words by Brooke Smith, illustrated by Madeline Kloepper

The Word for Friend by Aidan Cassie, illustrated by Aidan Cassie

Peter & Ernesto: Sloths in the Night by Graham Annable

Science Comics: Crows by Kyla Vanderklugt

Peter and the Tree Children by Peter Wohlleben, translated by Jane Billinghurst and illustrated by Cale Atkinson

Hey Little Rockabye: A Lullaby for Pet Adoption by Buffy Sainte-Marie, illustrated by Ben Hodson

West Coast Wild Babies by Deborah Hodge, illustrated by Karen Reczuch

Weekend Dad by Naseeum Hrab, illustrated by Frank Viva

Our Corner Store by Robert Heidbreder, illustrated by Chelsea O'Byrne

A Forest in the City by Andrea Curtis, illustrated by Pierre Pratt

War at the Snow White Motel and Other Stories by Tim Wynne-Jones

Son of Happy by Cary Fagan, illustrated by Milan Pavlovic

Once Upon a Unicorn's Horn by Beatrice Blue

Con Quest! by Sam Maggs

Run Salmon Run by Bobs & LoLo, illustrated by Lori Joy Smith

Little Cheetah's Shadow by Marianne Dubuc

Explore Canada by Jocey Asnong

My First 100 Art Words by Chris Ferrie, illustrated by Lindsay Dale-Scott

My First 100 Engineering Words by Chris Ferrie, illustrated by Lindsay Dale-Scott

My First 100 Mathematics Words by Chris Ferrie, illustrated by Lindsay Dale-Scott

My First 100 Science Words by Chris Ferrie, illustrated by Lindsay Dale-Scott

My First 100 Technology Words by Chris Ferrie, illustrated by Lindsay Dale-Scott

I Heart Pluto by Chris Ferrie and Dr. Helen Maynard-Casely, illustrated by Lizzy Doyle

Let's Fly a Plane! by Chris Ferrie

Let's Get Moving! by Chris Ferrie

Let's Make a Rainbow! by Chris Ferrie

Let's Ride a Wave! by Chris Ferrie

Eels by Rachel Poliquin and Nicholas John Frith

Houndsley and Catina at the Library by James Howe, illustrated by Marie-Louise Gay

Mermaids Are Real! by Holly Hatam

The Postman from Space by Guillaume Perrault

Knot Cannot by Tiffany Stone and Mike Lowery

Prairie Fire by E.K. Johnston

Bringing Back the Wolves by Jude Isabella

Wanted: Criminals of the Animal Kingdom by Heather Tekavec

Raven Squawk, Orca Squeak by Roy Henry Vickers and Robert Budd

The Great Grizzlies Go Home by Judy Hilgemann

The Sasquatch, the Fire and the Cedar Baskets by Joseph Dandurand

Alien Nate by Dave Whamond

Canadian Women Now and Then by Elizabeth MacLeod

The Boreal Forest by L. E. Carmichael

Nature All Around: Plants by Pamela Hickman

Consent: Deal with it before boundaries get crossed by Keisha Evans and N.B. Gonsalvez, illustrated by Jenny Chan

The Little Red Shed by Adam and Jennifer Young

Middle Grade

Megabat Is a Fraidybat by Anna Humphrey and Kass Reich

The Gryphon’s Lair by Kelley Armstrong

Louder Than Words by Kathy Kacer

A Beginner's Guide to Goodbye by Melanie Mosher

The Rise and Fall of Derek Cowell by Valerie Sherrard

The Case of the Missing Auntie by Michael Hutchinson

My Name is Konisola by Alisa Siegel

Music for Tigers by Michelle Kadarusman

Young Adult

Crossing the Farak River by Michelle Aung Thin

My Long List of Impossible Things by Michelle Barker

In Good Hands by Stephanie MacKendrick

Lucy Crisp and the Vanishing House by Janet hill

Followers by Raziel Reid

Hunted by the Sky by Tanaz Bhathena

Under the Radar by Judith Clark

Messenger 93 by Barbara Radecki

You Don't Have to Die in the End by Anita Daher

The Automatic Age by GMB Chomichuk

The Secret of White Stone Gate by Julia Nobel

Dark Skies by Danielle L. Jensen

Picture Books

Margot and the Moon Landing by A.C. Fitzpatrick, illustrated by Erika Medina

Running Wild: Awesome Animals in Motion by Galadriel Warson, illustrated by Samantha Dixon

Salma the Syrian Chef by Danny Ramadan, illustrated by Anna Bron

The Truth About Wind by Hazel Hutchins and Gail Herbert, illustrated by Dusan Petricic

I Got You a Present! by Mike Erskine-Kellie and Susan McLennan

A Stopwatch from Grampa by Loretta Garbutt

Going Up! by Sherry J. Lee

What Grew in Larry’s Garden by Laura Alary

The Book of Selkie: A Paper Doll Book by Briana Corr

Summer Feet by Sheree Fitch

Natsumi’s Song of Summer by Robert Paul Weston and Misa Saburi

If I Couldn’t Be Anne by Kallie George and Genevieve Godbout

When Emily Was Small by Lauren Soloy

Ocean Speaks: How Marie Tharp Revealed the Ocean’s Biggest Secret by Jess Keating

The Girl with the cat by Beverly Brenna, illustrated by Brooke Kerrigan

David Jumps In by Alan Woo

My Ocean is Blue by Darren Lebeuf

What if Bunny's NOT a Bully? by Lana Button

Window by Marion Arbona

I Want to Be... by Farida Zaman

I Am Violet by Tania Duprey Stehlik and Vanja Vuleta Jovanovic

Nibi is Water by Joanne Robertson

The Train by Jodie Callaghan and Georgia Lesley

Graphic Novels

Familiar Face by Michael DeForge

Wendy, Master of Art by Walter Scott


The Little Book of Peggy's Cove and the South Shore by Len Wagg

Along the Western Front by Leah Hennel

#DrawtheWord Conflict of Interest Guidelines

While there are no limitations on who can participate in the #DrawtheWord challenge, there are a few conflicts that disqualify an entrant from being considered for the book prize pack and the prize money awarded to the author of the book represented in the entry.

The following conflicts disqualify an entrant and their associated author from contest prize consideration:

a. The entrant, or their spouse, domestic partner, or family member, is the author of the book represented in the challenge.

b. The entrant has a financial or personal connection with: i. The publisher of the book represented in the challenge; ii. A member of Writers’ Trust staff.