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Zak Jones is a writer, teacher, labour organizer, and United States Army veteran. His work has appeared in Vallum Magazine, PRISM international, and The Ex-Puritan. Jones has been shortlisted for the Thomas Morton Memorial Prize and twice shortlisted for the Jeff Sharlet Memorial Award. He is currently a PhD candidate studying veteran narratives at the University of Toronto. Jones lives in Toronto.

Award History

2023 Winner

RBC Bronwen Wallace Award for Emerging Writers
for So Much More To Say

Jury Citation

“In ‘So Much More to Say,’ Zak Jones digs his shovel into narrative terrain perpetually at the risk of breaking apart, much like the flooding South Carolina cemetery where his story is set. We are invited into the world of a young gravedigger who has the Sisyphean task of reburying the bloated bodies that come loose after rains free them from the red mud in which they have been encased. Navigating race relations and human dignity, the impeccable drawl of the author’s first-person narrator turns potential horrors into profundities, and cautionary tales into wisdoms.”

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