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Lorax B.

Lorax B. Horne is a journalist whose work has appeared in The Guardian, Newsweek, CBC, Maisonneuve, The Globe and Mail, and Elle Canada. They were recently named editor-in-chief for Distributed Denial of Secrets, a publishing collective aimed at enabling the free transmission of data in the public interest. Horne is currently developing Hacks and Hackers, a memoir-driven book about the intersection of technology and people. They live in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. 

Program History

2020 Rising Star

Rising Stars

Selected by

Rachel Giese


“Lorax B. Horne brings empathy, precision, and a profound curiosity to everything they write. As a memoirist, they have drawn readers deeply into their complicated upbringing as the child of missionary parents in Latin America. As a reporter, they have covered lives and experiences often overlooked or misrepresented: Indigenous children in Ecuador, homeless transgender people in Halifax, anonymous hackers and whistleblowers around the world. What binds this work is Horne’s propulsive desire to better understand themselves and others, and the systems and technologies that shape how we live. At a time of such uncertainty and upheaval, Horne’s voice feels more vital than ever.” —2020 Rising Stars selector Rachel Giese