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Katia Belkhodja writes fiction and teaches CÉGEP students. She is the author of La peau des doigts and La marchande de sable, and her work has appeared in magazines such as Les écrits, Le Sabord, and Moebius. In 2022, she served as a juror for a Governor General’s literary award. Belkhodja is currently working on her third book and lives on the south shore of Montreal.

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“Nobody writes like Katia Belkhodja. She uses syntax as if it were not a common, flat set of conventions but something that belongs entirely to her, a kind of clay she uses to shape voices, pulses, incantations. Whole continents manifest from just a few words, North America and North Africa like two facets of a spinning coin. Her writing conjures colours and textures, moods and wounds, heat and cold, truth and magic. Her stories are legends hidden inside tales, like literary matryoshkas. Her worlds and characters sweep, swell, and shape-shift to honour the absolute core of her work: the human heart.”