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Jordan Scott is the author of Silt; blert; Decomp, a collaboration with Stephen Collis and the ecosphere of British Columbia; and Night & Ox. His chapbooks include Clearance Process and Lanterns at Guantánamo. Both chapbooks treat his experience after being allowed access to Guantanamo Bay in April 2015. Scott has been featured at international literary festivals such as Days of Poetry and Wine in Slovenia, and the Oslo International Poetry Festival in Norway. His work has been translated into Slovenian, French, and Portuguese. Scott was the 2015/16 Writer-in-Residence at Simon Fraser University and works with Broc Rossell at The Elephants.

Award History

Jury Citation

"And I could live my life this way / in strokes of / worktree / glowtops / orange trails / leftover hair / a body’s / sonic fictions. Jordan Scott savours and vies not solely with the materiality of language, but language’s subjective materiality. For Scott, each context and uttering body manifests an original materiality: the precision of nature, anatomy, the names of friends, the contours of British Columbia or Poland, the daily ritualized cycles of parenthood and the cosmos. His associations, insinuations, discoveries, tensions, and mysterious propulsive force—these manifestations of his consciousness—are wondrous. I could live / drawing curtains / looking out / of sorewater / transcendentals / down to / morning / again to / bind me in / joyride dress / tie me to / lightveins." —2018 Jury Citation (Wayde Compton, Sylvia Legris, and Moez Surani)

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Night & Ox