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Anna Ling

Anna Ling Kaye reads and writes in Vancouver, where she is completing a short story collection and working on her first novel. A former prose editor at PRISM international, she is co-founder of Hapa-palooza Festival and sits on the board of Project Bookmark Canada. She is the editor of Ricepaper magazine.

Award History

2015 Finalist

Writers’ Trust McClelland & Stewart Journey Prize
for Red Egg and Ginger

Jury Citation

“In ‘Red Egg and Ginger,’ Anna Ling Kaye presents a family, a community, whole and complete. Mei is a character standing at a threshold, between worlds, communities, even countries. And while we never cross that threshold, Kaye’s precise use of language infuses every moment with the ambivalent agony of possibility.” — 2015 Journey Prize Jury (Anthony De Sa, Tanis Rideout, and Carrie Snyder)

Works recognized by WT

Red Egg and Ginger