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Jury Citation

“Billie Livingston is the real deal. Her prose stands up against this hard world and her clear vision is forgiving, furious, and tender. She understands her characters so well, and writes about vulnerability, poverty, and the profound compromises of family love with deep compassion. The children, especially, and all the criminals – con artists, thieves, and everybody hustling on the fringe — have unforgettable stories. Livingston’s writing is masterfully crafted, jammed with vivid detail, and strobed with flashes of real comedy. It emits a pure light that cuts through the darkness and leaves us laughing, mercifully, in the face of our most difficult truths.”
— 2017 Writers’ Trust Engel/Findley Award Jury (Katherine Govier, Alexander MacLeod, Eden Robinson)

Works recognized by WT

Cease to Blush

The Chick at the Back of the Church

The Crooked Heart of Mercy

Going Down Swinging

Greedy Little Eyes

One Good Hustle

The Trouble with Marlene