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Xaiver Michael

Xaiver Michael Campbell is a fiction writer living in St. John’s. He was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica and now considers Newfoundland and Labrador home after living in the province for over a decade. His work has appeared in The Malahat Review, Riddle Fence, and in the anthologies Us, Now and Release Any Words Stuck Inside You III. Campbell was selected as a 2022 Writers’ Trust Rising Star by Lisa Moore.

Program History

2022 Rising Star

Rising Stars

Selected by

Lisa Moore


"Xaiver Michael Campbell is a writer who understands the malleability and materiality of language. He builds characters from the inside out through dialect, cadence, and gesture with the flux of charged emotion, and captures deep intimacies like the sweetness of a mango in a beloved grandmother’s backyard. His writing is sensuous, daring, and sometimes wildly erotic — full of wry humour, unexpected insights, tightrope tension, different kinds of families, rambunctious joy, exclusion, and belonging."