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Message from WT Chair and Executive Director

First, best wishes from everyone at the Writers' Trust of Canada. We hope you are well, safe, and getting through these extraordinary times. Family, friends, connection, matter most right now. Those things, and art, including books — the very best of company.

Writers, like all artists, are witnesses to their times, whether the experiences are good, bad, or mixed. Across Canada our authors are both living the COVID-19 crisis, and taking it in, recording it, reflecting on its meaning. They are also thinking about what comes next — and will "report" in novels and nonfiction, poems, and plays for years to come.

The Writers' Trust exists to support, celebrate, and advance writers and writing in Canada. Support seems paramount in spring 2020. That's why, together with our funding partners The Writers' Union of Canada, Access Copyright Foundation, and Royal Bank of Canada, we are proud of the recently launched Canadian Writers’ Emergency Relief Fund.

We hope the Fund provides some help for creators during this ongoing pandemic. Please look after yourselves, those dearest to you — and those around you whom you can assist.  We are in this moment together.

Charlie Foran
Kari Cullen