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About the Prize

The Dayne Ogilvie Prize is presented annually to a Canadian writer from the LGBTQ community who demonstrates great potential in the early stages of their career through an exceptional body of work.

The prize was established in 2007 by Robin Pacific in honour of her late friend, who was a respected editor, writer, literary manager, and passionate lover of all the arts. The winner is announced at a special event.

2019 Winner


Jury Citation

“The writing of Lindsay Nixon is a triumph of decolonial and non-normative storytelling. They assert an acute refusal of the reductive expectations of tragic Indigeneity and white-centred hegemonic queerness, calling upon more rigorous, nuanced, and wholehearted aesthetics and knowledge bases. Nixon is a new, vital voice for queercore culture, ancestral and chosen family inheritances, sex and kink positivity, and Cree and prairie wisdom. Their transformative memoir, nîtisânak, uplifts non-linear narration, poetic prose, and intertextual dialogue and will surely be discussed and beloved for many, many years to come.”

—2019 Dayne Ogilvie Prize jury (Amber Dawn and Kai Cheng Thom)

Author Page
“The recognition gives a lot of agency, power, and love back to those of us who are producing and writing right now.”

– Joshua Whitehead

2018 Dayne Ogilivie Prize finalist