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Zoe Imani

Zoe Imani Sharpe is a poet, essayist, and author of the chapbook Sullied. Her recent work has appeared in The Puritan, LemonHound, and Room Magazine, among others. She lives in Toronto.


2020 RBC Bronwen Wallace Award Poetry finalist Zoe Imani Sharpe

Award History

2020 Finalist

RBC Bronwen Wallace Award for Emerging Writers
for Selection from [CA$H4GOLD]

Jury Citation

"In this work the page is spare, yet a powerful voice emerges in language that is assured, mellifluous, and poetically unique. Sharpe engenders a subtle silence that resists over-narration and commodification. Here is an “ironing out” of specific histories and ways of being that force a re-negotiation with the present. In a Canadian poetic context where certain histories are still overlooked, this work is urgent and entirely its own."
— 2020 RBC Bronwen Wallace Award Poetry Jury (Klara du Plessis, Benjamin Hertwig, and Canisia Lubrin)

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