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Zilla Jones is an African-Canadian woman from Treaty 1 (Winnipeg). She has won The Malahat Review’s Open Season Fiction Award, PRISM international’s Jacob Zilber Prize for Short Fiction, the gritLIT Festival Short Story Award, and FreeFall Magazine’s short prose contest; was the runner-up in the Prairie Fire Fiction Contest and The Puritan’s Austin Clarke Prize in Literary Excellence; and received an Honourable Mention in Room magazine’s Fiction Contest. Her stories have been published in Prairie Fire, Room, The Puritan, Malahat Review, PRISM international, FreeFall, and The Fiddlehead. She has completed her first novel, The World So Wide, set in Grenada during the 1983 American invasion, and is working on her second, Blackface, a story about race, identity, police violence, and growing up in the long shadow of colonialism.