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Weyman Chan is the author of five books of poetry including Noise from the Laundry, which was a finalist for a Governor General’s Literary Award. His most recent collection, Human Tissue: a primer for Not Knowing, examines rage and the quest for origin. Chan’s chapbook, Isobars, was published in 2017 as a part of the Loft-on-Eighth Press series, “Inner City Stories.” He won the Latner Writers’ Trust Poetry Prize in 2021 and his sixth book of poetry is forthcoming in late 2022. Chan lives in Calgary, where he divides his time between writing, family, and electron micrographs.

Award History

Jury Citation

“Weyman Chan’s urgent, unflinching, and redemptive poems span generations and geographies from Calgary to China,” said the jury. “Chan’s writing bursts with lyricism, wonder, and quiet ache. His poems are as concerned with notions of longing as with belonging. In Chan, we find a remarkable voice in Canadian poetry — necessary and distinct.”

2021 Latner Writers’ Trust Poetry Prize Jury (Shane Book and Gillian Sze)

Works recognized by WT

Chinese Blue

Human Tissue: a primer for Not Knowing

Hypoderm: Notes to Myself

Noise from the Laundry