Award History

2017 Winner

Writers’ Trust/McClelland & Stewart Journey Prize
for Butter Tea at Starbucks

Jury Citation

“Sharon Bala’s ‘Butter Tea at Starbucks’ burns as bright and fierce as the unnamed, immolated martyr whose image provides its thematic backbone. Following two Toronto sisters from a Tibetan background, the story explores the conflict between Tibet and China through the lens of a new baby, an interracial marriage, and an office rivalry. Tense and expertly plotted, the story is also packed with rich, sensory detail. This is writing that wades, unafraid, into complexity and controversy, but which is nuanced enough to wrangle finely drawn, utterly human characters to moments of aching vulnerability, confused pain, and unexpected joy. Bala takes big risks and reaps big rewards in this unforgettable story.” — 2017 Journey Prize Jury (Kevin Hardcastle, Grace O’Connell, and Ayelet Tsabari)

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Butter Tea at Starbucks