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Ryan Manucha is a graduate of Harvard Law School and a recipient of Harvard University’s Frederick Sheldon Research Fellowship. He researched issues of interprovincial trade law in Canada before joining Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP as a corporate lawyer. He won the 2022 Donner Prize for his debut book Booze, Cigarettes, and Constitutional Dust-Ups. Manucha lives in Toronto.

Award History

2023 Finalist

Balsillie Prize for Public Policy
for Booze, Cigarettes, and Constitutional Dust-Ups: Canada’s Quest for Interprovincial Free Trade

Jury Citation

“In Booze, Cigarettes, and Constitutional Dust-Ups,  Ryan Manucha brilliantly and accessibly writes about the difficult and often bizarre evolution of interprovincial trade in Canada. For decades, politicians and courts have grappled with this issue, often with unsatisfactory results. This important new book gives readers the history of something that is truly (and unfortunately) Canadian — why it is sometimes easier to import something from another country than it is to “import” something from another province.”

—2023 Balsillie Prize for Public Policy Jury (Samantha Nutt, Taki Sarantakis, and Scott Young)