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Kerr Keller

Reid Kerr Keller is a fiction writer and head of content at Miami Ad School. A former student of Queen’s University and contributor to Queen’s Alumni Review, his short story ‘A Price for Mochica Gold’ was published in Elegant Literature, a magazine focused exclusively on publishing new authors. Kerr Keller lives in Toronto.

Award History

2024 Finalist

RBC Bronwen Wallace Award for Emerging Writers

Jury Citation

“‘ON VENLAFAXINE AND GHOSTS’ offers an unflinchingly realistic yet humanizing portrayal of mental illness. The casual, humorous tone pulls us in before delving into familial memories that are as dark as they are contradictory — depending on who recounts the memory. Whatever one’s brain chemistry, nobody wants to think about how personal memories are fallible or that they might be the villain in their own story. There are no easy antagonists in Reid Kerr-Keller’s work; he skillfully crafts complex characters that are heroes of their own worlds.”

—2024 RBC Bronwen Wallace Award short fiction jury (Jessica Johns, Maria Reva, and Jack Wang)

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