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Nino Ricci received the Governor General’s Literary Award for his first novel, Lives of the Saints, which became the first volume in a trilogy that continued with In a Glass House and Where She Has Gone. A past finalist for the Rogers Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize and past recipient of the Engel/Findley Award. He lives in Toronto.

Award History

Jury Citation

“Nino Ricci’s prose embodies a sweeping range of talent and technique. There are layers upon layers of meaning within his stories, all of which are presented with profound empathy, with compassion not only for his characters, but also for the messy human condition in which we invariably find ourselves. His writing is elegant and understated but driven by an urgent and confident hand. Whether he is examining the life of Jesus or an adulterous Italian mother or a self-loathing academic, Nino Ricci is a superb story-teller. Each of his books is a rare and delicious cocktail. In them a particular time and place is richly brought alive and made palpable, a challenge to the intellect and an exploration of the soul.”
— 2012 Writers’ Trust Engel/Findley Award Jury (Stan Dragland, Wayne Johnston, Miriam Toews)

Works recognized by WT

In A Glass House

Lives of the Saints

The Origin of Species


Where She Has Gone