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nina jane

nina jane drystek is a poet, writer, and performer. Her poetry has appeared in various journals and her visual sound poem, “the knewro suite,” was published as a chapbook by Simulacrum Press in 2019. She is a member of the sound poetry ensemble quatuour gualuour and writes collaborative poetry with VII. drystek lives in Ottawa.


2020 RBC Bronwen Wallace Award Poetry finalist nina jane drystek

Award History

Jury Citation

"The codification of power relations between I and you, subject and object, is deftly, delicately apparent in drystek’s work. These are poems that bind architecturally together as a collection and unfold into surprising images, moments, and ripples of thought. While poems listen to themselves in internal monologue, they also face outwards, asking the reader to listen, then respond, implicated by questions reaching out from the paper to pull you in."
— 2020 RBC Bronwen Wallace Award Poetry Jury (Klara du Plessis, Benjamin Hertwig, and Canisia Lubrin)

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