Michael Crummey, Writers' Trust Fellow (2015)

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“In book after book, Michael Crummey sifts the human saga, marrying romance with the brutalities of life made by the sea or life in a company mining town or life in a lonely trapper’s cabin far from civilization. His women are rich and complex creations, creatures who lust, and feel, and struggle with loyalty, and bitterly keep their counsel. His people die with a mournful clarity, bodies washed up from the ocean or wasting in dismal hospitals or blasted in confused frontier skirmishes. Death haunts these books. But so do love and desire, the human ferment that supplies Crummey’s work with a fundamental generosity, a glowing, wistful hopefulness.”
— 2007 Timothy Findley Award Jury (Joan Barfoot, Douglas Glover, Jack Hodgins)

2005 Finalist

Rogers Writers' Trust Fiction Prize
for The Wreckage

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“Of the cacophony of voices carrying across the wind from Newfoundland and Labrador in recent years, none is so vibrant, so perceptive, and so damn fun, as that of Michael Crummey. A poet of tremendous skill and a novelist of the truest heart, his books capture the outports and villages, the islands and waters, the people and language that make the province unlike anywhere else in Canada. Yet his work is universal, too. He writes about family and loneliness, love and loss, childhood and aging, with a storyteller’s flair for the dramatic and a poet’s ear for words. Simply, he is a beautiful writer.”
— 2015 Writers’ Trust Fellowship Jury

Works recognized by WT


Hard Light

Little Dogs

River Thieves


The Wreckage