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Melissa J.

Melissa J. Gismondi is a writer and journalist, who holds a PhD in American history from the University of Virginia. Her writing has appeared in major media outlets, including The Washington Post, Salon, Toronto Star, and The Walrus, among others. As a radio and podcast producer, she contributes to national network programs on CBC Radio and the podcast BackStory. She splits her time between Toronto and Charlottesville, Virginia. Gismondi was selected as a Writers' Trust Rising Star by Charlotte Gray.

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2019 Rising Star

Rising Stars

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Charlotte Gray


"Passionate and rigorous, Melissa J. Gismondi is a compelling interpreter of contemporary issues. A sharp intelligence gleams through her carefully constructed stories, as she deftly weaves facts and observations into persuasive arguments and expresses them with literary elegance. Gismondi approaches her subjects from original angles, explores them fearlessly, and states her opinions with palpable glee. Her historical perspective deepens our understanding of today’s world, and her richly textured prose gives her work the vibrancy and emotional impact of the best nonfiction available." —2019 Writers' Trust Rising Stars selector Charlotte Gray