Linda Spalding on The Purchase

Award History

2012 Finalist

Rogers Writers' Trust Fiction Prize
for The Purchase

Jury Citation

“With meticulous yet seamless attention to historical detail, Linda Spalding transports the reader to 18th-century Virginia in her mesmerizing novel The Purchase. Cast out from his close-knit Pennsylvania community, the devout Quaker Daniel Dickinson travels west to strike a Faustian bargain: to live among slave owners in exchange for a prosperous new life for his young family. New to farming and blindsided by the brutal and all-encompassing economics of slavery, Daniel nonetheless does begin to prosper — at the expense of not just his own soul but those of his tragically compromised children. The Purchase is an epic novel in every way that matters — in scope, depth, and heart.” — 2012 Rogers Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize Jury (Lynn Coady, Esi Edugyan, and Drew Hayden Taylor)

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The Purchase