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Karen Solie published her first collection, Short Haul Engine, in 2001 and won the Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize. She has since won the Griffin Poetry Prize, a Trillium Book Award, and the Pat Lowther Memorial Award. Solie received the Latner Writers’ Trust Poetry Prize in 2015. Born in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, she lives in Toronto.

Award History

Jury Citation

“Karen Solie’s most recent collection, The Road In Is Not The Same Road Out, confirms that she is at the forefront of Canadian poetry. As readers have come to expect, her poems are full of sharp turns of reason, panoramic views of our interiors, and dazzling juxtapositions. She curates her collections into nearly indestructible exhibitions of coherence and quality, rewarding our attention with insight and wisdom. Each sentence has the force of a proverb. Over the past 15 years, Solie has garnered respect for her commitment to poetry, her intelligence, her maturity of perception and emotion, her take-it-or-leave-it-honesty, and, of course, her humour. Her work sits as comfortably on university syllabi as it does on bedside tables. She writes from inside of us, with a voice as disarming, insistent, and unpredictable as consciousness itself.”
— 2015 Latner Writers’ Trust Poetry Prize Jury (A.F. Moritz, Susan Musgrave, and Ian Williams)

Works recognized by WT

Modern and Normal


The Road In Is not the Same as the Road Out

Short Haul Engine