Award History

Jury Citation

“With clarity and grace, Jan Thornhill’s books use both art and text to draw children into a closer and more understanding relationship with the natural world. Over a period of almost 30 years she has shown a rare ability to present serious topics to children from a scientific perspective in which gaining knowledge is pleasurable, never didactic or dry. From concept books like the Wildlife ABC, to stories and folk tales dealing with subjects like migration or wild animals in urban environments, to nonfiction books for older children on complex and challenging subjects such as conservation or death, Thornhill enriches the young reader’s awareness of the physical world and our place in it. A passionate and deeply-informed interest in nature is always conveyed with her characteristic combination of humour, empathy, and common sense.”
— 2015 Vicky Metcalf Award Jury (Gwyneth Evans, Marthe Jocelyn, and Susan Perren)

Works recognized by WT

I Found a Dead Bird

Kyle Goes Alone

The Rumor

This is My Planet

The Wildlife 123