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Emily McGiffin is the author of Between Dusk and Night, shortlisted for the CAA Poetry Prize and the Raymond Souster Award, Subduction Zone, winner of the ASLE Creative Book Award, and Of Land, Bones and Money, a book of literary criticism. She is the winner of the 2008 RBC Bronwyn Wallace Award for Emerging Writers for poetry. 

Award History

2009 Winner

RBC Bronwen Wallace Award for Emerging Writers
for Wokkpash and Other Poems

Jury Citation

“These deeply resonant poems are perceptive, visceral, and steeped in lyrical wisdom. The linguistic orchestrations of this work inhabits a fully-engaged intelligence and sensibility. There is heart-seeing here, expressed with an authentic strength and a luminous eloquence. This is poetry linked firmly to the invisible labouring of a raw faith, which has grown out of body and mind. The vision here is one aesthetically grounded in the world, a world that in turn is replenished by these poems, by this poet`s beautifully cadenced work.” — 2009 RBC Bronwen Wallace Award Jury (Don Domanski, Jeanette Lynes, and Anne Simpson)

Works recognized by WT

Wokkpash and Other Poems