Award History

2015 Finalist

Writers’ Trust McClelland & Stewart Journey Prize
for Last Animal Standing on Gentleman’s Farm

Jury Citation

“‘Last Animal Standing on Gentleman’s Farm’ by Emily Bossé is an interwoven story of time and place that is ambitiously executed. A young man—lost and craving reinvention—inherits an uncle’s farm. So begins his illumination into his past. It is a story that shocks the reader, makes us laugh, and even bewilders. It’s exciting stuff! Like the chickens, pigs, goats, and dog that freeze solid in the story, the characters themselves become frozen into moral archetypes. Brutally stark, nuanced, and compelling, this short story stood out for its funny and passionate exploration of the human spirit.” — 2015 Journey Prize Jury (Anthony De Sa, Tanis Rideout, and Carrie Snyder)

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Last Animal Standing on Gentleman’s Farm