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Eimear Laffan is an Irish-born poet who now lives in Nelson, British Columbia. Her work has been published in Atlas and Alice, Funicular, MoonPark Review, and wildness. In 2018, she was a runner-up for the Ambit Poetry Competition and was also nominated for Best of the Net and the Pushcart Prize.

Award History

2022 Finalist

RBC Bronwen Wallace Award for Emerging Writers
for My Life, Delimited

Jury Citation

“On a mission to reimagine the autobiographical lyric, Eimear Laffan sets loose a roving intelligence across continents and canons. Quick-witted and attentive, deconstructive and delightful, Laffan’s caesura-studded prose poems take nothing for granted. Picking at the loose threads of her own inheritance, this is a body of work full of surprising turns. With wry, singular authority and humour, ‘My Life, Delimited’ makes room for the coexistence of lancinating cleverness and deep, resounding beauty.”

—2022 RBC Bronwen Wallace Award Poetry Jury (Tenille K. Campbell, Michael Prior, and Suzannah Showler)

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