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“Darlene Naponse’s ‘She Is Water’ will haunt you for days. It will also break your heart. This is the power of Naponse’s storytelling; she writes about family, love, hate, and tremendous loss in language that is, by turn, clear and poetic yet never sentimental. Told in the voice of a young girl and infused with wonder, ‘She Is Water’ evokes life on a northern reserve with a keen cinematic eye. The River that runs through the reserve is a key character in the story; a source of nourishment and enjoyment for the community, and the scene of unspeakable violence and tragedy, its presence is threaded through the narrative along with a chilling sense of menace. Raw, gripping, and mesmerizing, ‘She Is Water’ is a story that demands to be told.” — 2017 Journey Prize Jury (Kevin Hardcastle, Grace O’Connell, and Ayelet Tsabari)

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She Is Water