Award History

2018 Finalist

Rogers Writers' Trust Fiction Prize
for The Saturday Night Ghost Club

Jury Citation

"Balancing a fine line between childhood wonder and adult understanding, Craig Davidson’s The Saturday Night Ghost Club follows Jake Baker as a successful — and contemplative — neurosurgeon and, decades earlier, as a lonely 12-year-old boy. When his beloved uncle Calvin invites young Jake to form the titular 'Saturday Night Ghost Club' to explore the spooky sites of Niagara Falls, the stage is set for both adolescent thrills and a slow-developing sense of what it means to be truly haunted. Viscerally exciting and deeply thoughtful, The Saturday Night Ghost Club is powerfully written and satisfies at every level."

— 2018 Rogers Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize Jury (Ann Y.K. Choi, Mireille Silcoff, Robert Wiersema)

Works recognized by WT

The Saturday Night Ghost Club