Award History

2016 Finalist

Writers’ Trust/McClelland & Stewart Journey Prize
for If I Ever See the Sun

Jury Citation

“Charlie Fiset’s ‘If I Ever See the Sun’ takes place almost entirely in darkness, in the depths of a goldmine where daylight itself is the precious commodity. Roxane earns her living 4,000 feet below ground, in a world of male camaraderie and stubborn hierarchies, where a declining resource industry puts everyone at risk, and where a mind can write its secrets onto an invisible, and dangerous, landscape. ‘If I Ever See the Sun,’ created by a gifted and attentive writer, is a mesmerizing study of faith and desire, and of our lived projections and imagined realities.” — 2016 Journey Prize jury (Kate Cayley, Brian Francis, and Madeleine Thien)

Works recognized by WT

If I Ever See the Sun