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Charlie Fiset is a gold miner’s daughter from northern Ontario who recently completed an M.A. in Creative Writing at the University of New Brunswick. Her first print publication, “Maggie’s Farm,” was included in Journey Prize Stories 27. “If I Ever See the Sun” is her second publication. She is currently at work on a novel and short story collection.

Award History

2016 Finalist

Writers’ Trust McClelland & Stewart Journey Prize
for If I Ever See the Sun

Jury Citation

“Charlie Fiset’s ‘If I Ever See the Sun’ takes place almost entirely in darkness, in the depths of a goldmine where daylight itself is the precious commodity. Roxane earns her living 4,000 feet below ground, in a world of male camaraderie and stubborn hierarchies, where a declining resource industry puts everyone at risk, and where a mind can write its secrets onto an invisible, and dangerous, landscape. ‘If I Ever See the Sun,’ created by a gifted and attentive writer, is a mesmerizing study of faith and desire, and of our lived projections and imagined realities.” — 2016 Journey Prize jury (Kate Cayley, Brian Francis, and Madeleine Thien)

Works recognized by WT

If I Ever See the Sun