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André Alexis is a fiction author who grew up in Ottawa. His novel Fifteen Dogs won the Scotiabank Giller Prize and Rogers Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize in 2015. He was also a Rogers Writers' Trust Fiction Prize finalist in 1997 for his debut novel, Childhood, and in 2014 for Pastoral. Days by Moonlight is the fourth book published in a planned series of five novels examining philosophical themes. Born in Trinidad, Alexis now lives in Toronto.


André Alexis on Days by Moonlight, winner of the 2019 Rogers Writers' Trust Fiction Prize

Award History

2019 Winner

Writers' Trust Fiction Prize
for Days by Moonlight

Jury Citation

"With the dream-like touch of a magical realist, Alexis carries us away on a profound and hilarious drive through small-town Ontario as it’s never been seen before in search of a mysterious poet named Skennen. It’s a journey where the spiritual meets the commonplace and the bizarre, the underworld comes up for air when you least expect it, and the Divine patiently watches over all. Days by Moonlight is a funny, moving, and wholly original take on the quest narrative that liberates the imagination with a loud whoop of joy."

— 2019 Rogers Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize Jury (Dennis Bock, Michael Kaan, and Suzette Mayr)

2015 Winner

Writers' Trust Fiction Prize
for Fifteen Dogs

Jury Citation

Fifteen Dogs is an original and vital work written by a master craftsman: philosophy given a perfect form. In André Alexis’ powerful apologue, questions of knowledge and happiness, fidelity and fate are grounded in the real-world adventures of a group of dogs. Here is a beautifully written allegory for our times: one in which man’s best friend shows us the benefits of higher consciousness – the favoured bone of fact buried where we might all find it.”

— 2015 Rogers Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize Jury (Aislinn Hunter, Shani Mootoo, and Richard Wagamese)

2014 Finalist

Writers' Trust Fiction Prize
for Pastoral

Jury Citation

“André Alexis’s Pastoral breathes new life into an old literary form. With prose that is sharp, witty, and highly original, Alexis tells the story of a young city pastor who takes up a country parish and struggles to engage both himself and the residents of the small town of Barrow in a meaningful spiritual practice. Expertly paced and filled with memorable characters and scenes, Pastoral is a glorious, imaginative exploration of belief. A wonderful balance of elements helps to create that most impossible of things – a virtually flawless novel.”

— 2014 Rogers Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize Jury (Neil Bissoondath, Helen Humphreys, and George Murray)

1998 Finalist

Writers' Trust Fiction Prize
for Childhood

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