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Ali Blythe is the editor-in-chief of The Claremont Review. His poetry collection, Twoism, was nominated for the Dorothy Livesay Prize earlier this year. Blythe completed a residency at the Banff Centre and a writing degree at the University of Victoria, receiving the Candis Graham Writing Scholarship from the Lambda Foundation. He lives in Vancouver.

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“Reading Ali Blythe’s first collection, one is in continuous transit among bodies, species, images, phenomena, and myths. Wry, philosophical, and voluptuous, Twoism builds a lyrical stage made of movement along lines enjambed like switchbacks, taut couplets made in reversals, and stanzas redoubling division and displacement. His thoughts stretched wide, longing in between, Blythe illuminates a world both ruined and beautiful.” -- 2017 Dayne Ogilvie Prize for LGBTQ Emerging Writers Jury (Eaton Hamilton, Elio Iannacci, and Trish Salah)

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