Writers’ Trust / McClelland & Stewart Journey Prize


  • Emily Bossé for "Last Animal Standing on Gentleman's Farm," published in The Fiddlehead
  • Dierdre Dore for "The Wise Baby," published in Geist
  • Anna Ling Kaye for "Red Egg and Ginger," published in Prairie Fire


  • Tyler Keevil for "Sealskin,” published in The New Orphic Review
  • Lori McNulty for "Monsoon Season,” published in Descant
  • Clea Young for "Juvenile,” published in The Fiddlehead


  • Doretta Lau for "How Does a Single Blade of Grass Thank the Sun? published in Event
  • Eliza Robertson for "My Sister Sang," published in Grain
  • Naben Ruthnum for "Cinema Rex," published in The Malahat Review


  • Kevin Hardcastle for "To Have to Wait," published in The Malahat Review
  • Andrew Hood for "Manning," published in PRISM international
  • Alex Pugsley for "Crisis on Earth-X," published in The Dalhousie Review


  • Seyward Goodhand for "The Fur Trader's Daughter," published in PRISM International
  • Miranda Hill for "Petitions to Saint Chronic," published in The Dalhousie Review
  • Ross Klatte for "First-Calf Heifer," published in The New Orphic Review


  • Devon Code for "Uncle Oscar," published in The Malahat Review
  • Krista Foss for "The Longitude of Okay," published in Grain Magazine
  • Lynne Kutsukake for "Mating," published in The Dalhousie Review


  • Daniel Griffin for “The Last Great Works of Alvin Cale,” published in The Dalhousie Review
  • Dave Margoshes for “The Wisdom of Solomon,”published in The Dalhousie Review
  • Yasuko Thanh for "Floating Like the Dead," published in Vancouver Review


  • Dana Mills for “Steaming for Godthab,” published in Geist
  • Saleema Nawaz for “My Three Girls,” published in Prairie Fire
  • Clea Young for “Chaperone,” published in Grain Magazine


  • Craig Boyko for “OZY,” published in PRISM international
  • Krista Foss for “Swimming in Zanzibar,” published in The Antigonish Review
  • Rebecca Rosenblum for “Chilly Girl,” published in Exile


  • Heather Birrell for “BriannaSusannaAlana,” published in The New Quarterly
  • Lee Henderson for “Conjugation,” published in Border Crossings
  • Martin West for “Cretacea,” published in PRISM international


  • Krista Bridge for “A Matter of Firsts,” published in Descant
  • Barbara Romanik for “Seven Ways to Chandigarh,” published in The Malahat Review
  • Matt Shaw for “Matchbook of a Mother’s Hair,” published in Exile: A Literary Quarterly


  • Kenneth Bonert for “Packers and Movers,” published in Grain
  • Devin Krukoff for “The Last Spark,” published in Grain
  • Elaine McCluskey for “The Watermelon Social,” published in The Antigonish Review


  • Dawn Rae Downton for “Hansel and Gretel,” published in Grain
  • Charlotte Gill for “Hush,” published in Grain
  • Jessica Grant for “My Husband’s Jump,” published in The Malahat Review


  • Geoffrey Brown for “Listen,” published in Broken Pencil
  • Jocelyn Brown for “Miss Canada,” published in This Magazine
  • Neil Smith for “Green Fluorescent Protein,” published in Event


  • Kevin Armstrong for “The Cane Field” published by Event
  • Vivette J. Kady for “Anything That Wiggles” published by Prairie Fire
  • Heather O’Neill for “Little Suitcase” published by This Magazine


  • Timothy Taylor for "Doves of Townsend"


  • Alissa York for "The Back of the Bear’s Mouth"


  • John Brooke for "The Finer Points of Apples"


  • (tie) Gabriella Goliger for "Maladies of the Inner Ear" and Anne Simpson for "Dreaming Snow"


  • Elyse Gasco for "Can You Wave Bye Bye, Baby?"


  • Kathryn Woodward for "Of Marranos and Gilded Angels"


  • Melissa Hardy for "Long Man the River"


  • Gayla Reid for "Sister Doyle’s Men"


  • Rozena Maart for "No Rosa, No District Six"


  • Yann Martel for "The Facts Behind the Helsinki Roccamatios"


  • Cynthia Flood for "My Father Took a Cake to France"


  • Holley Rubinsky for "Rapid Transits"



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