Writers’ Trust / McClelland & Stewart Journey Prize

Winner: $10,000; Finalists: $1,000; Magazine: $2,000 

Shortlist Revealed: September 13, 2017
Winner Announced: November 14, 2017

Journey Prize Stories 2017

2017 Longlist

Lisa Alward
for "Old Growth" (published in The New Quarterly)  

Sharon Bala for "Butter Tea At Starbucks" (published in The New Quarterly) and "Reading Week" (published in PRISM international)  

Patrick Doerksen for "Leech" (published in (parenthetical))   

Sarah Kabamba for "They Come Crying" (published in Room

Richard Kelly Kemick for "The Most Human Part Of You" (published in Maisonneuve) and "The Unitarian Church's Annual Young Writer's Short Story Competition" (published in The New Quarterly)

Michael Meagher for "Used To It" (published in PRISM international)

Darlene Naponse for "She Is Water" (published in The Malahat Review)

Maria Reva for "Subject Winifred" (published in The Malahat Review)  

Jack Wang for "The Nature Of Things" (published in The Malahat Review)

Kelly Ward for "A Girl And A Dog On A Friday Night" (published in Taddle Creek)

2016 Winner

Journey Prize Stories 28

Colette Langlois
“The Emigrants” 
Published in PRISM international 

Colette Langlois PRISM international 2016 JourneyPrize

About the Story

“The Emigrants” by Colette Langlois interweaves two times and places, one a historic past, the other a possible future, to explore loneliness and home. The story takes the form of letters: technological communication from the last survivor of an experimental colony on Mars, addressing a world that may no longer be able to, or care to, hear her, and letters from a man who has come to Saskatchewan from England in the late-nineteenth century, and writes home to his sister, knowing he will never see her again. Both writers address themselves to the future with hope, humility, and bravery. Both have reason to despair, and resist. The story blends a coolness of tone with great depth of feeling, and richly imagines what has come before and what is to be. 

-2016 Journey Prize jury Kate Cayley, Brian Francis, and Madeleine Thien

About the Author 

Colette Langlois was raised in the Northwest Territories, and has lived most of her life there when not otherwise wandering the blue-green planet. “The Emigrants,” imagined on the Isle of Iona, written in the Colorado Rockies, and edited in the Algarve, was her first fiction publication. She currently resides in Edmonton, where she is working on a short story collection, a novella, a novel, and a Masters of Science.


Charlie Fiset Journey Prize winner 2016Charlie Fiset for “If I Ever See the Sun”(The Fiddlehead)

McCovney-Journey-Prize-2016J.R. McConvey
for “How the Grizzly Came to Hang in the Royal Oak Hotel” (EVENT)






Woodcock Fund


Shaughnessy Cohen Prize for Political Writing
Second Deadline

September 13, 2017

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